New Construction Commissioning (Cx)

TMG’s comprehensive new construction commissioning process goes beyond the traditional model by addressing all interacting building systems: building envelope, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems, and building management systems.

The process is built on the foundation of the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) which sets the project’s high-end goals, reflecting the mission of the facility and its occupants. TMG thoroughly reviews, observes, and documents that the building and all its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, functionally tested, operated, and maintained to work as efficiently as possible end-to-end, top-to-bottom, year after year. Our commissioning process service provides a continuous thread of knowledge from building inception through the end of its useful service life. TMG uses cloud-based commissioning software platforms to manage, organize, and deliver to the owner the large amount of information typically associated with commissioning in a simple, intuitive format.


  • Design + Construction phase commissioning (HVAC equipment, controls, plumbing, lighting, electrical)
  • Measurement and verification implementation
  • Commissioning for LEED certification
  • Operation and maintenance staff training



Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)

TMG’s applies a systematic EBCx process to assess, investigate, analyze, optimize, and improve the performance of buildings and systems that may or may not have been previously commissioned. TMG begins the process by helping the owner develop the Current Facility Requirements (CFR). This process facilitates a better understanding of a building owner's needs and goals and is the basis for recommendations made during the EBCx process.

Our team includes engineers with years of experience in commissioning and building optimization. This collective insight allows us to look beyond the obvious to address underlying issues preventing buildings and systems from meeting their full potential. Building systems are thoroughly examined, tested, and watched as they interact with other systems. Sequences of operation are reviewed to determine potential operational improvements. Once the building investigation is complete, TMG provides the owner with a comprehensive EBCx report that details test results and provides recommendations for improving building performance in line with the CFR. 


  • Development of the CFR
  • Re-Commissioning, for previously commissioned buildings and systems
  • Retro-Commissioning, for buildings and systems not commissioned
  • Measurement and verification implementation
  • Operations and Maintenance staff training

Commissioning Process Management

We recognize that the commissioning process is more than just the testing of equipment. It requires a project management approach to properly plan and execute all stages of commissioning. Maintaining clear communication with stakeholders early and often, using the project schedule to define commissioning priorities, and carefully monitoring that all disciplines are staying aligned so that the project can be fully integrated during commissioning, are all vital aspects to a successful project. It is especially critical when there is a complex MEP installation combined with the latest building management system. TMG’s Cx process management service enhances the delivery of new construction, refurbishment, or tenant fitout projects by leveraging the lastest in powerful, cloud-based commissioning software. Our process enables us to manage the needs of complex commissioning projects and to provide a truly transparent mechanism for communicating a project’s progress.



Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)

Monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) is a process that continually maintains and improves building performance over time. Through this process, a building operator can record and understand the operation of their mechanical systems on a continuous basis using real-time energy and performance data. TMG uses the SkySpark® analytics software as part of their MBCx solutions. 

MEP Consulting (Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing)

Inherent in our core competency is the ability to diagnose and solve building system problems. Therefore, we offer the following solutions:

M/E/P Design: From the beginning TMG’s focus has been on building controls and the critical role they play in building operations. TMG offers complete control engineering services, and many times, to properly implement a control system on an existing process or building, modifications are required to the electrical and mechanical systems. Since our group consists of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers, we will include any required M/E/P engineering as part of the final deliverables package. This allows for a complete design solution.

We recognize the critical nature of the systems we work with. We therefore endeavor to provide designs that not only satisfy the needs of our clients but that can be implemented with minimal disturbance to running systems.

Whole-System Analysis & Facility Assessment:  Some problems are very difficult to diagnose due to their multi-disciplined nature.  Using various diagnostic tools, TMG can help solve these problems. We will work alongside the client’s field personnel to compile and gather pertinent data. After analyzing the data, the following is provided:

  • A written document explaining the reason for the problem and options for correction.
  • Approximate price estimate for each option (including any manufacturer bids).
  • Any pertinent data gathered from third-party sources.
  • Facility Assessment Reports and/or White Papers.

Depending upon the client’s needs, TMG can provide a complete design solution. We can work with prequalifying installation contractors, if they are required, and provide on-site management to see the resolution through to its completion.

M/E/P Coordination:  Due to the complicated nature of many M/E/P systems, general contractors and/or owners will often request an independent audit and review of the M/E/P systems. The primary purpose of the audit is to confirm that the installation is being performed according to the contract documents (drawings and specifications), and that a quality installation is being provided. These inspections are performed over the duration of the project, since as a project progresses, M/E/P accessibility becomes an issue. (i.e. - buried, enclosed behind walls, etc.). Additionally, TMG will act as the on-site MEP coordinator to manage the interaction for the commissioning process between the MEP contractor and a third party commissioning agent on behalf of General Contractors, Architects and/or owners.