Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Staff Training

TMG provides scalable, integrated O&M resources and services during a facility’s lifecycle.  We offer a wide range of O&M services, including complete turnkey operations models. For optimal flexibility, we offer integrated O&M solutions to fit your individual requirements, including whole-system trouble-shooting and facility assessments.  We will work with you to develop a commercial model to accomplish your business goals.


Full Operations & Maintenance

TMG provides personnel for the following activities:

  •  Entire Facility O&M
  • Central Plant O&M (heating, cooling, electrical)
  • Process Plant O&M (water treatment, wastewater treatment, utilities)
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation modifications

Transition to Operations

The Transition to Operations service is provided to ease the transition toward operating highly unique and complex facilities.  Effectively planning and managing the transitional stage to live operations is crucial and requires consideration for elements such as Early Occupancy Work Procedures, as well as Customized Operations Training & Documentation. Services Include: 

  • Technical Training
  • Procedure Development
  • Team Integration and Optimization
  • Operations and Engineering Support
  • Early Operations Risk Mitigation
  • Enhanced Documentation Management 


Operations Support Services

Operations Support Services provides continued support for the facility operators, to contribute to successful long-term operations. These activities are conducted in a collaborative environment to enhance process efficiencies, optimize energy usage and maximize facility uptime. Services Include:

  • Procedure Development
  • Re-Commissioning
  • Manage adds, moves and changes
  • Technical Maintenance