M/E/P Consulting (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing)

M/E/P Consulting: Many times to properly implement a control system on an existing process or building, modifications are required to the electrical and mechanical systems. Since our group consists of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers, we will include any required M/E/P engineering as part of the final deliverables package. This allows for a complete design solution.

We recognize the critical nature of the systems we work with. We therefore endeavor to provide designs that not only satisfy the needs of our clients but that can be implemented with minimal disturbance to running systems.

Whole-System Analysis & Facility Assessment:  Some problems are very difficult to diagnose due to their multi-disciplined nature.  Through the use of various diagnostic tools, TMG can help solve these problems.  We will work alongside the client’s field personnel to compile and gather pertinent data.  After analyzing the data, the following is provided:

  1. A written document explaining the reason for the problem and options for correction
  2. Approximate price estimate for each option (including any manufacturer bids)
  3. Any pertinent data gathered from third-party sources
  4. Facility Assessment Reports and/or White Papers

Depending upon the client’s needs, TMG can provide a complete design solution.  We can work with prequalifying installing contractors, if they are required, and provide on-site management to see the resolution through to its completion.