Quality Inspections & Independent Reviews

Due to the complicated nature of many M/E/P systems, general contractors and/or owners will often request an independent audit and review of the M/E/P systems. The primary purpose of the audit is to confirm that the installation is being performed according to the contract documents (drawings and specifications), and that a quality installation is being provided. These inspections are performed over the duration of the project, since as a project progresses, M/E/P accessibility becomes an issue. (i.e. - buried, enclosed behind walls, etc.). These inspections help prevent costly mistakes which can adversely affect overall project scheduling and quality. After each inspection, a written report of any findings is provided to the hiring entity. In the case of a General Contractor, the report can be used to demonstrate ‘due diligence’ to the owner.

Additionally, we provide MEP constructability reviews of design documents for our General Contractor partners prior to the final design being issued for construction.