Energy Analysis (EA)

TMG integrates and configures Energy AnalytiX® software as a part of our continuous commissioning services. Energy AnalytiX Software, is an industry leading Energy Management System (EMS) that focuses on energy data analysis to increase efficiency and reduce overall operational costs.  It helps with improving energy usage patterns, monitors energy reliability, and even forecasts energy consumption.  Information obtained from Energy AnalytiX can be used to: 

  • Optimize your energy management program
  • Drill down to identify inefficient assets that consume too much energy 
  • Identify peak usage periods to load-balance assets and take advantage of off-peak rates
  • Visualize energy usage per site, normalized by square foot or square meter
  • Analyze carbon footprint per person / per site
  • Monitor equipment energy usage trends and details
  • Notify personnel with alerts when meters fail or energy usage is unexpectedly high
  • Automatically email energy consumption and cost information to managers
  • Leverage alternate energy sources for efficiency and cost savings