Commissioning Process Management

Commissioning Management Tool (CxMT):  We recognize that clear and continuous communication throughout the Commissioning process is vital to a successful project. It is especially critical when there is a complex M/E/P installation combined with the latest Building Control System or SCADA implementation. We have designed a custom solution to meet the needs of these projects and to provide a truly transparent mechanism for communicating a project’s progress. Our Commissioning Management Tool (CxMT) was designed to help manage the Cx process in a collaborative manner, seeking the input from the entire Cx team. CxMT is fully customizable to meet the unique and demanding needs of many different types of projects including: Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment, hospitals, data centers, etc. CxMT is a tool that enables all participants in the Cx process to work as a team toward a common goal: delivering the building owner’s vision.

CxMT features include:

  • A “Dashboard” screen that provides an overview of the Cx Project status
  • A detailed schedule that tracks completed work and projected completion dates
  • An interactive Cx Issue log with permission based entry of resolutions
  • An open forum to add Cx Meeting Agenda points
  • Progressive documentation of all Cx tests, reports, meeting minutes, etc.